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campusM. The student engagement platform powering extraordinary campus experiences.

The where, why and how students learn is changing. campusM's intuitive UX and personalization helps universities focus on what matters: Delivering an impactful student experience. Help students engage, succeed, and get the most out of their time at university with our student engagement platform.

Introducing an Effortless Student Engagement Platform

The campusM mobile app for universities and colleges helps increase student engagement by providing services and resources within a delightful, intuitive interface.

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Student Affairs

  • Increase retention and support wellbeing with a personalized, hyper-connected student app
  • Keep students engaged with an all-in-one academic and campus mobile app
  • Leverage one platform to manage campuswide communications
  • Build communities for the 21st century with the campusM student engagement platform
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Academic Affairs

  • Help students stay accountable with the campusM student attendance tracker
  • Offer flexible learning opportunities through a campus student portal on mobile and desktop devices
  • Increase engagement with academic initiatives with the campusM student engagement platform
  • Prepare computer science students for real-world challenges using the campusM sandbox
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  • Meet the university mobile and portal solution built for exceptional admin experiences
  • Enjoy enterprise level campus management software security and stability
  • To code or not to code – it's entirely up to you
  • Stay ahead of the university mobile game with an agile release cycle
  • Use campusM Insights and Google Analytics to make student system information better
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  • Create meaningful relationships with prospects before they set foot on campus
  • Guide students through every step of the online registration process
  • Pair student ambassadors with prospects
  • Help your university plan for enrollment success with the campusM student engagement platform
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  • Discover a student engagement platform that makes it easy and delightful to connect
  • Put the higher education experience in context for your students with personalized, targeted messaging
  • Create and publish content on-the-go
  • Use your app on campus to engage with the unengaged
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Engage students with a user-centered university app

Whether your students are on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop device, the campusM student digital experience is the same: highly personalized, valuable, and delightful.

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“It’s easy to scroll through the app, searching and navigating is painless. It looks and feels good which makes the experience a lot better.”

“The ability to quickly and easily access set readings for my course has allowed my work schedule to be as flexible as I need it to be.”

Promote student success with digital flexibility

The campusM student app gives your students instant access to digital tools, resources and opportunities that are tailored to their wants and needs.

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Track and act on student engagement insights

Monitoring student wellbeing doesn’t have to be complex. Admins can use Insight and Attendance data to quickly identify and support at-risk students.

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Help university students connect through a unified campus web portal and mobile app

Reinvent the hybrid campus community with campusM’s targeted messaging, Events platform, and drag-and-drop content creator.

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Empower your people to improve student outcomes

campusM’s no-code app manager, out-of-the-box product integrations and distributed admin access allow more university staff to take initiative and impact students.

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Can the campusM higher education app be used to improve student engagement?

Yes. The campus app is a student engagement platform that provides a wide array of mobile and desktop services. The more services an institution provides and the more customized these services are leads to new opportunities for students to engage and interact. App usage data influences what students see in their app, leading to more customized experiences and better engagement rates.

Is end-user UX a priority for the campusM college student app?

Yes. We believe that the campusM mobile and desktop app can facilitate better and more delightful experiences on and off campus. In recent years, we’ve conducted student interviews and facilitated customer user groups to better understand what students want from a college campus app and what institutions want to achieve with this student engagement platform. As a result of these conversations and in tandem with evolving trends in higher ed, campusM is launching new features and services that see the student as a whole.

Can I use the campusM campus app to keep students updated about campus news?

Yes. campusM includes free app notifications that can be used to alert your students and staff about campus news, events and more. Our university and college partners use push notifications to send real-time targeted messages to different student cohorts.

Can higher education institutions personalize campusM?

Yes. The campus app offers unlimited profiles and roles for institutions to customize their own student engagement platform to improve college engagement. By segmenting the student population into different user groups, universities and colleges can target the right students at the right time with the right messaging.

Does campusM offer a classroom attendance solution?

Yes. campusM simplifies student attendance tracking for both students and staff. Our innovative multi-factor validation technologies deliver accurate, real-time attendance data that institutions can rely on. For more information on how campusM Attendance can improve attendance and engagement, click here.

How does your student portal app integrate with higher education systems and apps?

campusM has developed over 40 no-code out-of-the-box product integrations for core university systems such as Student Information Systems, Learning Management Systems, and Library Systems. These integrations are built to allow non-technical administrators to embed workflows within campusM instead of creating link-outs. This allows institutions to deliver a seamless one-stop-shop for students, making it easier for students to navigate the digital landscape.

Can admins without programming experience configure the campusM mobile app for students?

Yes. campusM comes with a no-code App Manager that gives institutions the ability to delegate permissions and access to specific groups or individual administrators outside of IT Services. By broadening the campus app admin base, you can empower your workforce to take full advantage of our mobile student engagement platform.

Can developers add custom features to the campusM college mobile app?

Yes. campusM includes the ReactJS-based Application Extension Kit (AEK), which is a software development kit (SDK) for expanding the campus app. The AEK allows the institution to develop custom services and integrate with additional campus solutions. You can also empower technical students to co-create experiences within campusM using our development kit and sandbox environment.

Does your mobile app for college offer data analytics?

Yes. campusM comes with the Oracle Business Intelligence (Oracle BI) reporting and analytics tool for creating and sharing reports. Unlike other campus apps, campusM is the only mobile app with this capability in the market today, which is why we’re one of the best university apps out there. We also offer secure extraction of individuals’ transaction data for learning analytics as well as engagement dashboard solutions.

How often is your mobile app for college updated?

The campusM student engagement platform is developed using Agile methodology and benefits from a monthly development release cycle. Each update introduces new features and functionality with no app downtime and a seamless transition for the end-user. Our agile development cycle allows us to adapt in real-time to evolving sector wants and needs.

Can students using campusM's university app customize the interface?

Yes. campusM lets users personalize their user interface by moving and/or adding/deleting tiles to/from their dashboard. However, the institution can make some tiles mandatory.

Does campusM's higher education mobile solution use live tiles?

Yes. The campusM campus app and campusM web portal merge data from campus-wide systems to show students everything they need to know about their day on campus at-a-glance.

Can students access resources on the campusM college mobile app if they're offline?

Yes. campusM is the only student engagement platform and desktop portal solution to support offline access to cached content and user specific data, including downloaded content.

How does campusM protect the data and identity of its users?

For authentication, campusM student engagement integrates with the customer identity management system, using standard protocols such as LDAP and SAML. Additionally, encryption and decryption are performed in real time so that data is always protected.

campusM is also GDPR compliant.

How does the campusM university platform protect against malicious attacks?

The campusM platform is built within the Ex Libris private cloud deployment that is available for the sole use of the Ex Libris customer community. Our private cloud implementation provides a multi-tiered security and privacy model that covers all aspects of Ex Libris systems. Our security and privacy model and controls are based on international protocols, standards, and industry best practices, including ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO /IEC 27018:2014. For more information, visit the Ex Libris Trust Center.