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The campusM student engagement toolbox

  • Unlimited User Profiles
  • Dynamic End-User Roles
  • User Personalization Options
  • Quick Poll Surveys
  • Out-of-the-Box Content Studio
  • Student Attendance Dashboard
  • Classroom Schedule Integration
  • Hyper-Connected Data Model
  • Engagement and Wellbeing Integrations
  • Intuitive Admin Interface
  • Events Discovery and Registration
  • Built-in Digital Attendance App
  • Learning Management Integrations

Hyper-personalize the student experience with the campusM student engagement app

What if you could give students the feeling that they belonged and that you got them before they even stepped on campus? campusM offers student affairs a wide variety of tools for connecting with students through personalized content and services that make them feel right at home. Take your student engagement strategies up a notch with campusM through unique profiles and dynamic roles, advanced end-user personalization settings and integrations with LMS, SIS and more.

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Enhance student retention services with campus engagement surveys

“How are you doing?” is a question that can make all the difference to a student who’s feeling lonely, struggling academically or is overwhelmed by the return to campus. With campusM Quick Polls, you can easily send a one-time or recurring monthly student engagement survey question to find out how students feel about themselves or the institution and take action accordingly.

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Promote student engagement with a next gen events app

No student engagement software is complete without an events feature. Events, both in-person and remote, help students connect with peers and gain valuable cross-disciplinary knowledge. At campusM, we’ve reinvented our Events app to make it easy and delightful for students to discover, register for and set reminders for events.

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Leverage one platform to manage campus-wide messaging

Content may reign supreme, but behind the scenes, it’s the simplicity of the admin environment that determines the quality of content on your mobile app. campusM has you covered. Our Creative Studio content creator offers you out-of-the-box responsive templates and drag and drop features so you can create rich, engaging content in minutes. With Creative Studio, you can empower Student Affair team members to manage the essential information you provide via mobile and give them the freedom to shape your messages in an engaging and timely manner – no coding required.

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Amplify your student engagement strategies with real-time classroom attendance data

Say goodbye to paper-based roll call and attendance data chaos, and say hello to campusM Attendance. We’ve designed Attendance to make it easy for students to check-in and review their attendance history, and just as easy for admins to set up how they want to verify these check-ins. It’s simple to export Attendance data in real-time, enabling wellbeing and engagement teams to quickly identify students that are falling through the cracks.

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Is campusM compliant with the latest accessibility standards?

Yes. We believe that student engagement platforms are only as good as their accessibility standards – when an app is designed for students of all abilities, everyone benefits. campusM is continually designed and developed to meet Level AA of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) and Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act for features and functions. For more information, visit our Knowledge Center.

How can your campus app support and improve student retention?

campusM is all about the end-user experience. From day one we have strived to provide an intuitive and useful app that helps students with the day-to-day logistics of navigating campus life. To this end, we have a dedicated UX expert who creates personalized and engaging interfaces that drive interaction. Our hyperconnected platform allows us to build the app around the individual, putting the end user at the center of the experience and bringing your digital services directly to the user’s device, wherever they are and whenever they need it.

Will it be difficult for colleagues who can't code to make changes to your app?

No. campusM has been designed to be intuitive to manage by app administrators. Our web-based configuration tool – App Manager – provides drag and drop tools alongside intuitive configuration and analytics interfaces to make administration simple and quick. Access control features allow institutions to distribute management of the app to content owners, empowering more teams to make the most of the app.

Does your student retention software include contact tracing and pre-screening health questionnaires?

Yes. We have all had to adapt with the recent pandemic, offering new services to help students return to campus safely. At campusM we introduced a range of services to support institutions with this return. We provide a simple Contact Tracing experience that allows students to check in to spaces they visit. You can additionally use Quick Polls to delivery daily attestations or other questionnaires relating to state of health and mind.

Can we customize end-user experiences within your student retention management software?

Yes. campusM provides a number of mechanisms to deliver a customized end user experience that is both personal and contextual. From App profile branding and color schemes through to individualized home screens, campusM provides a delightful and contextualized experience that supports student retention.

Is it easy to change student profiles and roles within the back end of campusM?

Yes. End user roles, which provide a powerful mechanism to contextualize the end users experience can be modified in a number of ways. For example, Roles can be synchronized with Student Information Systems to reflect the mode of study, year of study faculty etc. of the student. Roles can also be manually applied to end users (using App Manager) or programmatically applied using our open API architecture. Finally, end user interactions within the app can modify roles, allowing for personalization of the users experienced based directly on user feedback.

Does campusM offer a Digital Student ID solution?

Yes. Our ID Card product integration allows students to present their university ID card from a mobile device. The required data can be retrieved with a RESTful API or from the IdP Details, and the ID barcode can be generated by the app or provided by the vendor.

Can Students provide feedback on campus services and events through the app?

Yes. We know that one of the best practices to support student engagement is listening. You can use the campusM Quick Polls to create single-question student retention surveys to gather feedback about campus amenities. You can also use Creative Studio’s drag-and-drop interface to create pages that redirect to university contact forms and landing pages.

Does campusM come with mobile Learning Management System integrations?

Yes. campusM includes the following out-of-the-box LMS system integrations: Blackboard, Canvas, D2L Brightspace and Moodle. For more information about how easy it is to set up campusM no-code LMS integrations, visit the Knowledge Center.

Do you offer live chat tools and chat bot functionality?

Chatbots are increasingly becoming important within higher education student retention strategies as institutions look to provide faster response times and reduce help desk calls. campusM integrates with chatbot tools such as Razor to facilitate real-time student support services for students within the authenticated app environment.