campusM Integrations Help Your Students Do More
Deep integrations make it easy for students to learn and succeed

campusM’s out-of-the-box product integrations and native features give institutions the flexibility to create delightful student experiences on and off campus.

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Leganto allows students to view all the readings for their courses in one place, create their own collections of useful material and comment and collaborate with other students. Using the campusM integration with Ex Libris Leganto, you put course reading resources right where they need to be – in the hands of your students.

Primo VE and Primo

Primo VE and Primo help students and researchers access library materials quickly and easily discover new content. With the campusM integrations to Primo VE and Primo, you can now deliver these critical discovery services within an intuitive mobile environment.

Resource Booking

Having a room of one’s own on campus, even for an hour or two, can help students focus on assignments and get more work done. Using the campusM resource booking product integration, students can create, cancel, and review existing reservations for university rooms, PCs, pods and more.

ID Card

We know that students forget their plastic ID cards at home, but we also know that students are far less likely to forget to bring their smartphone to campus. Now, with the campusM ID card integration, students can present their university ID card from a mobile device. The digital ID includes information such as a picture of the student, the student’s ID number, name, department, barcode and email.


We’ve found that students depend on emails for the bulk of their communications with instructors and faculty. Using Gmail as your email provider? The campusM integration with Gmail lets you set up a live tile with a count for unread emails and allows students to access their Gmail native app from within campusM.

Microsoft Office 365 Outlook

Email remains an important channel of communication for students and faculty. In our experience, students prefer to keep their personal and institutional emails separate but expect the university mail service to be just as easy to use as their personal email. The campusM Outlook product integration lets students manage, read, and reply to emails on their smartphones, giving them the flexibility to engage with instructors or campus initiatives in their own time.


To a certain extent, the weather determines what your students’ day will look like. You can keep them in the know about what to expect from the weather with integrations to BBC Weather and NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

Print Credits

Though many universities are going green and reducing their use of paper, students may need or want to print library materials and assignments – at least in the near future. Students can use the campusM integration with Pharos Uniprint to track and add to their print credit balance, or track current and past print credit transactions.


Hyper-personalization is key to getting students, prospects and alumni to engage with your campus app. At campusM, we use Roles to enable universities to define and categorize app user groups, so that institutions can target these groups with relevant content and services. Roles is made possible through an integration with adAS SSO.


Keeping track of assignments, due dates and deadlines along with campus social events and work commitments can be challenging for any student. Giving your students (and faculty, prospects, and alumni) pre-programmed to-do lists helps them stay organized and on top of their campus tasks.


We’ve made campusM Lists as versatile as possible, so that you can support users across the academic journey with instant access to core resources and checklists like opening hours, key contacts and dates, new student enrollment checklists, FAQs, useful links and much more! If you need a list that isn’t in our built-in list catalogue, you can easily configure a new list through the campusM App Manager – no coding required.


It’s surprising how many university memories are laundry related. Use the campusM integration with Circuit to show students exactly when campus washers and dryers become available. While this might not lead to many meet cutes, it prevents students from wasting time waiting in line to do their laundry.


Mobile access to course information and resources is especially important within the hybrid campus. With the campusM native integration to Blackboard, you make it easy for students to manage their Blackboard courses, grades, assignments, and calendar events, check and update personal information within Blackboard, and receive instructor updates. You can additionally highlight calls to action with a dynamic Blackboard live tile.


Institutions that use Brightspace by D2L as their learning management system can take mobile convenience one step further with campusM’s Brightspace live tile. This home screen live tile shows students alerts about quizzes, assignment feedback and new discussions so they know about course updates as soon as they open the campusM app.


You’re already using Moodle to manage student coursework, grades, exam schedules, student-instructor communications and more. Leverage campusM’s out-of-the-box Moodle integration live tiles, courses, grades and forum features to easily provide the same vital e-learning resources in a native mobile and website environment.


You use Canvas LMS to deliver learning materials within an innovative, mobile-first app setting. The campusM integration with Canvas heightens the mobile learning experience through a live tile that surfaces important Canvas data, letting students see assignment, grade, announcement and discussion notifications from a glance at the campusM home screen.

Ellucian Banner

Ellucian Banner Student gives students heightened visibility into their academic commitments and the flexibility to register for classes through a simple interface. With the campusM out-of-the-box Banner Student integration, we make it easy for you to offer these same critical resources on your students’ mobile devices.

Ellucian Colleague

Ellucian Colleague’s ERP software helps institution manage administrative data. The campusM custom integration with Colleague enables students to easily access their class schedules, grades and holds within the campusM native mobile app and web portal.