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Here's how campusM helps Admissions teams convert prospects

The campusM Admissions Toolbox

  • Unlimited User Profiles
  • Dynamic End-User Roles
  • User Personalization Options
  • Quick Poll Surveys
  • Google and Apple Maps Integrations
  • Hyper-Connected Data Model
  • Out-of-the-Box Content Studio
  • Intuitive Admin Interface
  • Events Discovery and Registration

Attract Prospects with Personalized Student Enrollment Services

University enrollment starts with a single digital step – a glance at your homepage, a scroll through your Facebook page, a marketing email. Though your digital first impression is an important component of student recruitment strategies, you need a consistently impressive online university experience to convince students that your institution is the right fit. campusM profiles and roles enable Admissions to show prospects highly personalized content and services through the app based on their academic stage and interests.

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Increase student enrollment inquiries with spot-on prospect messaging

Connecting with prospects across the digital divide can be challenging, but targeted, timely messaging can help. At campusM, we’ve made it easy for all Admission team members to create and publish engaging content within minutes through campusM Creative Studio. You can use this drag-and-drop app page builder to design new pages or take advantage of predesigned templates to deliver enticing content to prospective students.

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Leverage campusM Lists to help students make sense of the registration process

Registering for college or university can be overwhelming for students (and their parents). By consolidating registration resources within an intuitive app environment, institutions enable prospective students to register with greater ease. App checklists guide prospects through the various steps between application, acceptance and registration, providing more clarity on what’s required at each stage of the application.

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Showcase your campus experience through an intuitive events platform

Seeing is believing. Campus virtual events help prospects gain insight into the academic and social value your institution can provide by letting them experience it for themselves. Incorporate campusM Events into your student recruitment plan to target prospects with events that have been curated just for them.

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Encourage students to fill out applications through mobile student recruitment services

Are you ready to go mobile with your registration process? Use campusM tiles to help students enroll on-the-go. Offer useful links to forms and contact information, set up a map for campus visitors or integrate with your institution’s chatbot app to deliver next level digital services that set you apart from the crowd.

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Infuse the student voice into your university recruitment plans

Figuring out how to attract students to your university doesn’t have to be guesswork – just ask your prospects and students. campusM Quick Polls help you ascertain prospects’ concerns and hopes for their life on campus, enabling you to use these insights to adjust messaging and outreach in real-time.

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How can campusM help us increase enrollment at our college?

Enrollment is about building relationships and sharing the virtues of your student experience, both physical and digital to prospects. CampusM provides you with a powerful engagement platform through which you can target you message and articulate your offer on a one-to-one basis. Our engagement suite provides the tools you need to nurture and support your prospects from initial interest to turning up at their first calls (and beyond!).

Can we delegate user permissions among our Admission staff members?

Absolutely you can! Sharing is caring, so we’ve made it easy to empower your admin teams to create content and experiences for your prospects – no-code, just quick easy edits. Our access rights management allows you to devolve the administration efforts, safe in the knowledge you are in control of what team members can access.

Do I need to have basic coding skills to be a campusM Admin?

No. We have developed our web-based admin tool to enable you to deliver engaging experiences without touching a line of code. Our intuitive, WYSISYG interfaces combine with drag’n’drop ease to simplify the daily tasks, whilst our real time configural integrations allow you to adapt the experience on the fly.

Can we invite prospects to events through campusM?

Absolutely. We know getting prospects to see, hear and feel the institutions vibe goes a long way to convincing them to join. Whether you are delivering events on campus or linking to events virtually, make sure your prospects know what is going on with our Event integration, in-app notifications and advertising banners.

Does campusM integrate with video conferencing tools like Zoom?

Yes – it’s a must in today’s changing world. The pandemic has show there are new ways to engage, attract and education your students. With campusM, it’s easy to build direct links to your online virtual offering quickly while clearly signposting these activities to your prospects.

How can we encourage prospects to download campusM?

Much of the app download for prospects is organic. There is an expectation that you will have a mobile offering for recruitment on the app stores. And creating link to download in your marketing materials is quick and easy, with the user of QR codes, NFC and more than can drive download and app engagement. Better yet, put your prospecting app in the hands of your recruiting agents to help them, whilst at the same encouraging them to got prospects to download.

Does campusM integrate with email service providers?

Yes. Your digital marketing strategy for student recruitment needs to take advantage of as many online channels as possible, and campusM supports omnichannel outreach through out-of-the-box integrations with Office 365 and Gmail.

How does campusM help with prospect conversion?

So, you got their attention, they are ready to arrive… how do you get them to cross that final threshold and attend your school? campusM provides the tools you need to understand your applicant’s engagement and support them through their journey. Deliver an engaging conversion campaign complete with motivation messaging, hints and tips, structured to-do lists and wellbeing monitoring to ensure you students arrive at class eager to succeed.