campusM Attendance

Simplify attendance capture and analytics with campusM's student attendance tracker

Support students across their academic journeys with this easy-to-use student attendance tracker app feature.
Data captured through our student attendance tracking software gives universities around the globe insight into student engagement on the individual and group level. This same university attendance system also empowers students to access their attendance records on demand and easily meet digital attendance requirements.

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How does campusM help Higher Ed improve student attendance?

A student attendance tracker only works if students check-in. campusM Attendance makes it easy for students to check-in within an intuitive mobile or desktop interface and sends automatic push notification reminders before class so that students don’t forget to record attendance. While student swipe card attendance systems rely on cards and readers for students to check in, all campusM Attendance asks is for students to have a smartphone and wi-fi access – a flexible attendance solution for the hyflex campus.


At the institutional level, online student attendance tracker data can be used to identify and support at-risk students, improving student attendance rates and preventing individual cases of attrition.

What the campusM student attendance tracker can do for your institution

Simplify the capture and reporting of attendance data

Assist with strategic classroom resource management

Help identify students that are struggling early on

Encourage student to check in through an intuitive interface

Empower lecturers to check students in

Enable real-time no-code configuration changes with seconds

A mobile student attendance tracker app that's easy to use and easy to configure

  • Simple to deploy and use
  • Integrates with class schedule and maps for a streamlined user experience
  • No hardware required
  • Dashboard view lets students see their attendance record at a glance
  • Web-based administration through the easy-to-use campusM App Manager
  • Empower students to take charge of their attendance record with effortless check-ins
  • Consolidate attendance taking into a single source of truth
  • Check-in push notification reminders help students be more accountable
  • Mobile and desktop check-in options available
  • Multifactor validation – you decide how to authenticate student check-in
  • Lecturer and faculty check-in options available
  • Attendance analytics that are easy to export, understand and act on

Can we use your student attendance tracker app to send students reminders about upcoming classes?

Yes. You can configure up to 3 notifications per event – the timing of these notifications can be configured before or after the event start time. When a student checks in to an event, any outstanding reminder notification for that event are deleted, so the student is not unnecessarily asked to check in.

Does your student attendance tracker app offer multiple check-in validation options?

Yes. Our student attendance tracking system provides three methods to validate student check-ins: Geolocation, iBeacon crowdsourcing, and IP ranges. For more information on what to expect from campusM Attendance validation, check out this student attendance system documentation within the Ex Libris campusM Knowledge Center.

Do we have to set up a validation process for your student attendance tracking app to work?

No. While we do offer different validation options that can be used separately or in tandem to verify that a student was in class, you can also opt out of the validation process entirely. With many institutions pivoting to hybrid learning models, our customers have been using Attendance’s flexible validation settings to check students into class, no matter where they are physically.

Can your student attendance software be configured in real-time?

Yes. The institution can make dynamic changes to the student and instructor check-in experiences through the App Manager, a central web-based administration tool.

Can instructors use Attendance to check students into class?

Yes. Attendance has a separate interface for teaching staff to check students into class, which serves as an alternative and supplement to student check-ins. For more information on the instructor Attendance experience, click here.

Is it possible for a student to use your college attendance software to check into a class without a mobile device?

Yes. Students can use the web app as well as the campusM student engagement platform to check in to an event, unless the institution selected Crowd Source Validation as the only validation mechanism. In this situation, students are asked to download the native app due to the requirement for Bluetooth and iBeacon visibility.

How can your student attendance tracker system help improve university attendance rates?

Tracking student attendance has always been about more than collecting data for FASFA or international student visa approvals. Roll call is there to help lecturers and faculty keep track of who’s present and who’s missing, and to improve student attendance by preventing attrition early on. With campusM Attendance, data is available in real time and can easily be exported to support student wellbeing efforts. At scale, this data can be used to better university and college attendance rates.