campusM Creative Studio

Instant app content creation for busy higher education teams

Empower all university app admins to own their content with a drag-and-drop app content creator.

Watch the Intro to Creative Studio

How does Creative Studio help university teams connect with students and prospects?

You might not be able to change the weather on campus or put a stop to a global pandemic, but you can reduce the amount of uncertainty your students face daily. Clear, frequent communication with students about the changes and newness to expect within the hyflex campus can sooth fears and help students feel more confident about your institution’s approach to hybrid learning. With Creative Studio, your content is published within minutes, allowing you to deliver important updates to your students in real-time.


What Creative Studio can do for your Institution

Publish engaging, multimedia content, from images and text to videos and maps

Streamline your content creation pipeline with intuitive drag and drop interface and real-time publishing

Support your non-technical staff with no code content editing whilst empowering your technical teams to benefit from the full power of HTML and CSS

Create once and publish to all channels with responsive content components

Leverage ready-made templates to create compelling app pages within minutes.

Distribute content management to your content teams with flexible access management and institutional templates

Stay agile with a campus app page builder that makes it easy to publish new content in minutes

  • Drag-and-drop design
  • No-code interface
  • Easy-to-use page management tools
  • Publish content instantly
  • Embed videos, maps and more directly within content pages
  • List Creation
  • Fully-fledged code editor available
  • Create mobile-friendly pages
  • Out-of-the-box templates for graduation, welcome week and more


How long does it take after I publish a page for it to be updated on the front-end of campusM?

campusM customers can create and publish content to all or selected users in minutes, without the need for app updates or any code changes.

Is it possible to delegate admin permissions within Creative Studio?

Yes. Our web-based administration tool (App Manager) provides comprehensive access management to control who can manage what content. This empowers our customers to empower content owners to create and maintain their own areas within the app. Our creative Studio templates allow you and your content creators to maintain a consistent look and feel across your campusM experience.

Can Creative Studio be used to reach college alumni with targeted messaging?

Yes. Our support for the full student cycle allows customer to create and distribute content to prospects, current and alumni. This can reduce costs of distributing handbooks and other marketing and communication assets to these stakeholders.

Do I have to know how to code to get the most out of Creative Studio?

Absolutely not! Creative Studio has been developed and designs to provide a drag and drop interface to create engaging content quickly and simply. Content creators can start building pages in seconds with our preprepared templates, and add/edit components like images, text, videos, maps and more with simple mouse clicks. But Creative Studio ALSO offers your technical team the ability to implement HTML and CSS, offering the best of both worlds.