campusM Web Portal

An intuitive web portal for connecting students, faculty and university resources

The campusM university web portal helps students succeed with easy access to academic systems and course materials.

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How does the campusM web portal promote student success?

Web portals are still students’ preferred channel for tasks that require a little more concentration like making financial inquiries, submitting assignments and accessing course materials.


Just like the campusM mobile app, campusM’s responsive web portal is personalized based on student profiles and roles, making it easy for students to turn work in, join an online lecture or tune into a virtual campus event.


A seamless cross-channel experience allows students to write an assignment on the web portal, proofread it on their tablet and submit it from their smartphone, all within one familiar app interface.

What the campusM web portal can do for your institution

Provide a familiar app experience for all devices

Deliver a fully-fledged desktop app

Consolidate mobile and web portals into one platform

Unify administration across platforms

Offer more choices for how students interact with university systems

Empower admins with WSIWYG editor

A unified university web portal solution for the hybrid campus

  • Simple to deploy and use
  • Easy side bar navigation menu
  • Consistent look and feel across all channels
  • Cross-channel or separate desktop analytics available
  • Full-screen experience
  • Breadcrumbing to orientate the student on the page
  • Web app alerts inbox
  • Flexibility in web portal design
  • Drag and drop admin configuration
  • WYSIWYG editor


Do the campusM web portal and mobile campus app integrate with the same university systems?

Yes. The campusM catalogue of product integrations campusM mobile app and the campusM web platforms can integrate with the same university systems. However, the campusM mobile app and web portal don’t have to have identical features – you can easily configure the web portal to include any or all product integrations and features that are relevant to your institution.

Do I need to publish content to the campusM mobile app and web portal separately?

No. Once you publish a tile or content page within the App Manager the change is automatically implemented across the campusM mobile and web portal channels.

Can my non-technical colleagues configure the campusM web portal?

Absolutely. Our drag and drop What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) App Manager interface lets non-tech faculty take part in app administration. In our experience, distributed campus app access enables more university staff to get creative about digital student engagement – and distributing the app management more evenly between IT Services, Student Affairs, Admissions and other departments.

Can the campusM web portal replace our existing web portal?

Yes. Adopting the campusM app solution for both mobile and web portal allows you to consolidate platform administration within a single app editing tool while providing students with one consistent app look and feel across devices.

Is the campusM Attendance app available on the web portal?

Yes. Students can check in to classes through the campusM web portal, and instructors can also use the web portal to check students in. We’ve made geolocation, one-time-codes and IP validation available for the web portal as web as our mobile app so that you can authenticate check-ins if you want to.