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Reach students, prospects and alumni with the campusM digital communications platform

campusM helps you share your stories, updates and promotions with the right people at the right time. Here's to building brand awareness, attracting prospects and connecting with alumni through an app that's easy to configure and even easier to use.

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Here's how we help university marcom teams amplify their messaging

The campusM marcom toolbox

  • Unlimited User Profiles
  • Dynamic End-User Roles
  • Devolved Admin Access
  • Quick Poll Surveys
  • Out-of-the-Box Content Studio
  • Email Integrations
  • Intuitive Admin Interface
  • Events Discovery and Registration
  • Free Push Notifications
  • Single Sign On (SSO)

Easily build an app that reflects your brand

Your campus app is a digital shortcut for students, prospective students, alumni, staff, guests and parents that want to get to know your university. With campusM, it’s easy to configure app colors, tiles, icons, headers and more to showcase your distinctive brand identity.

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Connect with all relevant app stakeholders through profiles and personalized roles

There are some messages that need to be broadcast to the entire campus: things like tornado warnings or new contact tracing policies affect everyone. For the most part, though, targeting university students with messaging based on attributes such as interests or year of study will yield higher open rates and better engagement. campusM profiles and roles make it simple to message groups and sub-groups, enabling you to connect with students about topics that really matter to them.

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Avoid publishing bottlenecks with a drag-and-drop content creator

You need an app content creator that’s as dynamic as your campus – we’ve got you covered. Say hello to Creative Studio, an intuitive no-code content creation tool designed for busy university marketing teams that enables users to create and edit app pages on the fly. Start from scratch or customize one of campusM’s pre-made templates for graduation, Welcome Week and so much more.

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Improve digital engagement with splash and push notifications

Push notifications are a useful tool for getting in front of your students with important messaging. Our customers use push notifications to nudge students in the right direction – to check in to their classes, to answer a quick survey, to get their financial aid forms in on time. With a simple dashboard for creating notifications, sending them to the right groups and monitoring open rates, campusM helps marcom teams help their students.

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Adapt your digital marketing strategy in real-time with data insights

Your marketing team is conducting student interviews, surveys, A/B testing and more to get higher engagement rates. App data can help the team make more informed decisions about how to reach students. The campusM Oracle Analytics Server & Data Visualization (OAS) tool enables you to track metrics such as which devices your students use to access the app and what tiles are accessed most often, empowering you to craft messaging that meets students where they are.

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How can campusM be used to move prospects along the selection and enrolment processes?

campusM has a suite of tools that can be used to inform and to nudge prospects through the process. Using Roles, app notifications, Quick Polls, check lists and more, you can create an adaptive app environment that is personalized, targeted and supportive.


How can campusM help me to deliver personalized targeted campaigns within my app?

campusM provides a variety of communication and engagement tools that allow you to deliver campaigns that can be adapted to fit your needs as well as your students’ needs:

  • Send pre-prepared scheduled notification campaigns to target individuals or groups using our app notifications
  • Deliver role-sensitive advertisements in-app using our Banner tiles
  • Integrate your social media channels directly in the users’ home screen
  • Poll your users to gain understanding about what they like, what motivates them and what they want to find out more about
  • Deliver personalized, targeted services using our role-sensitive product integrations and content pages
  • Create engaging multimedia content pages in minutes and deliver them to your audience using a simple drag-and-drop editing interface

How many user profiles can we open?

There is no limit to the number of profiles you can open. Each profile allows you to address a segment of your users. This could include: prospects, international markets, alumni, the local community, research and employment partners and more. You can also create multilingual environments using the same administration tool.

Can we track which tiles are clicked on most often?

Absolutely. Baked into campusM is our enterprise level analytics tool where you can create customer reports and dashboards, or utilize the existing reports to gain insight into your user interactions.

Do I need to know how to code to be a campusM admin?

No. Our intuitive, web-based configuration tool provides a no-code environment to create, manage and distribute your app experience.

Can we involve colleagues from other departments in content creation?

Yes. Our intuitive, web-based configuration tool provides a no code environment that allows are team members to create, manage and distribute your app experience. What’s more, you can empower admins to manage their content and their content only using our access control tools.

What are your marketing use cases for Quick Polls?

Getting insight and feedback from users can be challenging, but with campusM Quick Polls you can create ad-hoc or recurring Polls delivered directly to your users’ devices. Encourage engagement through notifications and adapt the campusM interface based on user responses. Quick Polls has been used to identify interest levels in open days, sentiment around the institution, preferences for communications and engagement, adaption of content based on user input and more. The added value comes from the ability to modify a user’s role as well as provide targeted responses based on their Quick Polls answers. This enables you to adapt the experience based directly on the user’s input.

Is campusM designed for the latest accessibility standards?

Yes – we are WCAG AA compliant. Please see our publicly available accessibility statement here:

Can campusM admin processes can be automated?

Our open APIs allow you to connect and embed campusM into your existing workflows, enhancing what you do already and providing opportunities to do more.

We also have customers using existing workflow tools (like Microsoft’s Power Automate) to integrate campusM into a variety of campus workflows.

Do you integrate with social media platforms?

Yes. You can utilize your existing social media channels and embedding them on the users home screen, in content pages or in our custom News Feed experience.