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Academic Services

Help students succeed with an intuitive mobile engagement app

Your students are on a learning journey that will impact the rest of their lives. campusM helps to make the journey that much easier for students and admins, supporting recruitment, conversion, transition and success.

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Here's how we help academic leaders deliver innovative digital engagement experiences

The campusM Academic Services toolbox

  • Unlimited User Profiles
  • Dynamic End-User Roles
  • User Personalization Options
  • Quick Poll Surveys
  • Out-of-the-Box Content Studio
  • Student Attendance Dashboard
  • Classroom Schedule Integration
  • Free Push Notifications
  • Hyper-Connected Data Model
  • Email Integrations
  • Intuitive Admin Interface
  • Events Discovery and Registration
  • Built-in Digital Attendance App
  • Learning Management Integrations
  • Single Sign On (SSO)

Increase student retention and simplify attendance capture with campusM Attendance

Attendance is about so much more than pass or fail. It’s about how engaged a student is with their classes and how committed they are to the idea of graduating. Within hybrid and remote learning models, collecting and confirming student attendance stats is a challenge. campusM Attendance is designed to give Academic Services real-time data on where students are – and where they aren’t. Using multifactor validation to ascertain the accuracy of check-ins, administrators can identify which students are falling through the cracks and quickly connect them with right support services.

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Customize the academic journey with campusM profiles and roles

Personalization works – but hyper-personalization works better. Students want their university app to deliver useful resources and services that can help them succeed on campus. With campusM profiles and roles you can tailor the app interface, messaging and tiles to highly specific user groups (think “Juniors that are majoring in biology and minoring in computer science and are birdwatching enthusiasts”) to encourage students to interact with the app and get the most out of your institution’s digital offerings.

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Achieve flexible learning goals with campusM's robust digital engagement platform

Students don’t exist in a vacuum, and during the Covid-19 pandemic students, educators and faculty discovered that flexible was possible and in many cases extremely helpful. Whether your institution is fully in-person, fully remote, or somewhere in between, giving students the flexibility to check-in, access their class schedule, LMS and more within a secure mobile environment and a time that suits them is a gamechanger.

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Increase engagement with academic initiatives through Quick Polls

Surveys can help you measure student satisfaction with teaching and learning, but survey fatigue might prevent students from answering questionnaires (or answering them honestly). campusM Quick Poll single-question surveys are here to help. By keeping these surveys brief and promoting them with in-app alerts, Quick Polls encourage more students to answer survey questions and give you immediate, insightful feedback on what students want from their academic experience.

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Promote cross-disciplinary events with an intuitive events feature

University events offer students a unique opportunity to make new friends, discover new topics of interest and gain real-world skills. They’re also an important tool for Academic services to communicate important updates and student training sessions. The new campusM Events makes it incredibly easy for universities to publicize events and for students to find, favorite, and set reminders for events that speak to them.

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How can campusM help us support our students through their journey at our institution?

campusM can provide useful and engaging experience for all steps through the student cycle. Provide your prospective students with personalized insight into what you offer and guide them through the recruitment process. Once they have arrived, provide your students with a digital mobile and web experience that really delivers and support their day to day lives. And once they graduate, keep connected with your alumni with targeted comms and useful tools.

Does your campus app integrate with Learning Management Systems?

Yes! Bring your LMS to your student’s device using campusM’s native mobile integrations with the following Learning Management System: Blackboard, Brightspace by D2L, Canvas and Moodle.

] Which Student Information Systems does your university app integrate with?

We currently integrate with Celcat, Databee, Ellucian Banner, Ellucian Colleague and Oracle PeopleSoft. We can also use APIs to integrate with other Student Information Systems so that you can use campusM to give your students a hyper-personalized mobile experience.

How can we use app data to improve academic services?

campusM customers use data captured through the app to uncover student trends, offer mobile learning tools and resources and to identify students that need extra academic or wellbeing support. For more information on how app data can be used to improve the Student Experience, download the campusM UX E-book.

How can campusM support our student wellbeing?

Times are hard for everyone, and everyone’s experience and how they deal with this are different. Providing a scalable and targeted wellbeing support is a challenge that universities have to address. campusM can provide a range of mechanisms to measure engagement and wellbeing (Attendance, App analytics and Quick Polls), and to engage students directly with targeted support, advice and intervention.

Do you have any tips on how to get students to adopt and use the app?

We sure do! We’ve summarized our tips for marketing the app to students and encouraging them to continue to use it throughout their academic journey in a series of blogs. For more on app adoption, click here. If you want to hear more about keeping students engaged with the app, click here.

Do campusM admins need to be able to code to use App Manager?

No. The campusM App Manager is no-code to allow all admins to configure features and make changes of the app regardless of their development skills. However, the campusM extendable development framework allows universities to build new app features – if you want to collaborate with your IT colleagues and create innovative app features to enhance the academic experience, you can.