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Meet higher education's mobile
and portal transformation partner

The campusM campus app and student web portal help busy IT teams empower students and faculty, transform app data into strategic insights, and create innovative digital experiences for the hybrid campus.

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Here's how we help university IT departments and campus app admin meet their KPIs

The campusM IT Toolbox

  • Intuitive App Admin and Devolved Access
  • Sandbox Testing Environment
  • Admin Dashboards
  • 40+ Product Integrations
  • Next Gen Data Model
  • Agile Release Cycle
  • Quick and Easy Deployment
  • Out-of-the-Box Attendance and Events Apps
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Secure, Private, and Reliable Infrastructure
  • Application Extension Kits

Make your students' lives easier with out-of-the-box campus app integrations

Students increasingly expect university app interactions to be seamless. The campusM mobile app and student web portal connects core university systems to your campus app through native integrations, empowering you to create a streamlined app experience for every user.

campusM’s integration platform leverages a hyper-connected data model to merge data from disparate systems, enabling universities to display information from SIS, LMS, Library, Events and more within the home page interface.

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Empower all admins to build your campus app

University IT departments are saying goodbye to siloes and bottlenecks and hello to cross-departmental collaboration and broader leadership roles. We are here for that.

We’ve made it incredibly easy for admins with no technical background to make the most of your campus app with an intuitive no-code App Manager. Using devolved access permissions, you can empower colleagues in Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Marcom and Admissions to go digital for your students – without waiting for IT support.

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Dream big with our extendable mobile app for higher education

University IT staff, amateur developers and computer science students have big ideas about how technology can augment the Student Experience. We think EdTech innovation needs the right environment to explore, iterate and grow, which is why campusM comes with

  • Cloud-based platforms with open APIs to automate and integrate
  • Application Extension Kits
  • A sandbox environment
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Protect students' digital identity with enterprise-level app security

Security and reliability are the foundations of a powerful campus app. We keep your campus app up-to-date and secure through:

  • Cloud security best practices
  • Monthly releases
  • Reliable architecture
  • Data encryption
  • Devolved admin access

And more.

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Prepare for the unexpected with our campus app agile development

Agile is so much more than a buzzword. The campusM agile release cycle enables us to make our campus app better in real-time with input from our user community and based on emerging industry trends.

New updates every month keep your university app fresh, secure, and ready to take on the next black swan event.

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Drive student success with real-time campus app analytics

Digital systems and analytics are increasingly being linked to student success, increased retention and improved enrollment rates. campusM built-in features like Quick Poll surveys and Attendance help institutions capture valuable student data, while the Oracle Analytics Server and Data Visualization support helps university IT teams transform app data into actionable insights. Combined with our roles and profile features, campusM analytics allow you to create a hyper-personalized university app experience for students, prospects, faculty and alumni.

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How many vendor integrations does campusM offer?

We currently offer 50 product integrations that enable seamless integrations with university systems. The number of product integrations grows on a monthly basis as part of our unique agile app development methodology, so that we can continue to connect all university systems to your campus app.

Does your campus app use distributed admin access?

Yes. Our no-code app builder, App Manager, enables secure and controlled editing permissions for your administrators. Using distributed admin access, you can empower faculty from across departments and even from the student union to create, publish and build your mobile campus. We’ve found that enabling more admins to get involved with campus app admin prevents IT from becoming a bottleneck and allows you to crowdsource ideas for improving your app.

Is campusM hosted in a cloud or SaaS environment?

campusM is hosted in a private Ex Libris cloud environment. Thanks to this private cloud, we are able to provide a flexible cloud mobile and web portal app for universities that is scalable, extensible, and reliable, with the added benefits of the security and privacy that comes from owning the entire cloud technology stack.

Can I leverage your university app APIs and web services to automate processes and workflows?

Absolutely. Our open API architecture empowers university IT teams to integrate and extend the campusM mobile app and web portal. From automating the notifications as part of an existing workflow or dynamically changing the user’s home screen through our roles API, campusM customers are connecting their campus app with existing systems, services, and experiences.

Does the campusM university app come with software development kits?

Yes. We provide Application Extension Kits (AEKs), a web-based software development framework that enables you to create integration services for your campus app. For more on AEKs and how they can benefit your app, click here.

How long does your campus app implementation take?

Implementing the campusM mobile and web portal is quick and easy, enabling IT teams to hit the ground running within 2-4 weeks with a powerful campus app. To learn more about our accelerated app activation process, click here.

Is your solution compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)?

Yes. campusM complies with GDPR standards to offer a highly private, secure processing of users’ data.

Which student information system integrations do you offer?

In our experience, class schedule is one of the most popular campus app features, and we are continually expanding our SIS integrations to enable broader access to university class scheduling software. Class schedule feeds can currently be retrieved with Celcat, Ellucian Banner, Ellucian Colleague (custom), MyTimetable (Eveoh), Oracle PeopleSoft, Databee Exams Manager, and RESTful APIs.

Which Learning Management System integrations does campusM include?

Learning Management Systems (LMS) powered remote learning and knowledge transfer in higher education during the pandemic, and we are proud to be facilitating digital learning through the following LMS integrations: Blackboard, Canvas, D2L Brightspace, and Moodle.