6 min read
Diversity on Campus: The Power of a Campus App
In the United States, community colleges play a crucial role in higher education by providing accessible pathways to
5 min read
Use your campusM app to engage university students from day one
Search Google with the following term, “Student Anxiety Starting University,” and you will get back approximately
6 min read
6 ways the Ex Libris campusM app can help reduce student exam stress
Exam season is here, which means that some students are already feeling the stress or, in more extreme cases,
6 min read
Reaching All Students: What the Pandemic Taught us about Student Communication
In this blog post, I want to reflect on the last 14 months and the impact it has had on how we engage and communicate
6 min read
How to Improve Student Recruitment Messaging with a Campus App
Universities, and especially institutions that recruit internationally, experienced a major enrolment slump during the
4 min read
5 Tips and Tricks to Encourage Student Engagement with Your Campus App
1. Add Daily Value for Your Users The best way to get your students to use a mobile campus app is to provide useful

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