5 min read
4 ways to use the Ex Libris campusM app for student recruitment
In August 2021, the Harvard Business Review published an article titled, “You Don’t Need a College Degree to
5 min read
Boosting Community College Retention with App Analytics
Many community colleges were hit disproportionately by Covid-19. Some existing students dropped out or put their studies
4 min read
5 Tips and Tricks to Encourage Student Engagement with Your Campus App
1. Add Daily Value for Your Users The best way to get your students to use a mobile campus app is to provide useful
3 min read
7 Tips to Increase your Campus App Downloads
Getting students to download your campus app is a critical, yet sometimes overlooked, part of your mobile app adoption
6 min read
4 Ways to Promote National Student Surveys Using Your Campus App
How do you feel about answering a survey? Sure, always happy to take part in a survey If I have time, I’ll answer

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